Creation Blast 2020- Quarter 4

What would you like your life to be like at the end of the year?  Are you clear about what you are asking of yourself and for the Universe to contribute to you?
How much of what you think (i.e. it's mulling around in your mind) you want is really true for you?  A lot of it comes from what we are told, see around us, and perceive.

Creation probably isn't what you think it is.  It involves a lot less doing and a lot more being, knowing, perceiving, receiving and choice!

Creation is very much an energetic thing!

Are you truly in question about what you desire to create, or do you have a lot of conclusions, decisions and shoulds with a question mark at the end?
What brings you joy?  What are YOUR true priorities?

Join me for an adventure in the creation of 2020 your way! 

Unleash the possibilities

2 Zooms:

October 15 12 pm Pacific find your time here

October 19  12 pm Pacific find your time here

Session 1: Get Clarity

What do you really desire and what are your true priorities?

We will talk being in question,  and you will start to get clarity about what you want this year in all areas of your life (or just the ones you wish to focus on)

You will receive a worksheet to help you through the process.

There will be a 3-day break so you have time to get present with yourself and your desires.

Session 2: Blast Off!!

Do you trust you to create what you say you say you want?

What is required to have, do, be and actualize it all? If you have been asking for something and it hasn't showed up or changed, there is something energetically incongruent..

What is in the way?  Let's clear it!

Now, let's play with it energetically and let the magic begin!

You will receive a 2nd worksheet you can use to stay connected to your creation and play with it all over the next few months (and year).

You will receive both audio and video recordings of the Zooms as well as downloadable worksheets to assist you in the process.

This series will happen each quarter during 2020, join for one or join for all four!

QUARTER 3 - $18

And only for those who register, you can add a 1-hour private facilitation session for only $200, a $100 discount. This can be used either before, between or after the 2 Zooms

I'm Ready!
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